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US edition: Perry Rhodan # 1
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UK edition: Perry Rhodan 1
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This Main page has been created as a little help with navigation in this wiki for all users who are not able to read German.

Navigation boxes

On the left side of the screen, you can find four menus with links. Depending on the user interface (»skin«) you chose, the menu items are either shown in a box or as a pulldown menu.


The first menu is for navigation in the Perrypedia:

  • »Hauptseite« - takes you to the Main page.
  • »Portal« - gives you an overview of the contents of the Perrypedia.
  • »Jahreskalender« (annual calendar) - a calendar with a short historic overview, starting from the very first beginning of the universe.
  • »Kategorien« (categories) - list of all categories of the Perrypedia.
  • »Zyklen« (cycles) - an overview of all cycles of both the Perry Rhodan series and the Atlan series.
  • »Aktuelle Handlung« (current plot) - takes you to the current ongoing cycle.
  • »Exzellente Artikel« (excellent articles) - shows a list of all articles that have been chosen as excellent.
  • »Galerien« (galleries) - shows a list of image galleries with covers and illustrations.
  • »Zufällige Seite« (random article) - takes you to a random Perrypedia page.

»Mitmachen« (Participation)

The second menu allows you to participate in the Perrypedia:

  • »Hilfe« (help) - the manual, where you will find essential information about everything regarding the Perrypedia.
  • »Kommunikation« (communication) - lists pages where you can ask other users for help. Questions in English are welcome!
  • »Letzte Änderungen« - lists the recent changes in the Perrypedia.
  • »Neue Seiten« (new pages) - shows the newest articles.
  • »Deine Spende« (donations) - allows you to donate to the Perrypedia to keep the project running.

»Formatvorlagen« (Draft pages)

Here you can find some drafts that can be used as a basis for new articles.

»Werkzeuge« (Tools)

The fourth menu contains tools:

  • »Links auf diese Seite« (what links here) – shows all links leading to the current page.
  • »Änderungen an verlinkten Seiten« (related changes) – shows all changes in pages which are linked to this page.
  • »Datei hochladen« (upload) – allows you to upload content such as pictures to the Perrypedia. Please read the regulations and restrictions for the uploads before doing so.
  • »Spezialseiten« (special pages) – pages for specific requirements (especially for administrators).
  • »Druckversion«printable version of the page.
  • »Permanentlink« (permanent link)
  • »Artikel zitieren« (quote this article)

Some of these items might be hidden depending on the page you are currently viewing.

»Suche« (Search)

The position of the search box varies, e.g. in the »MonoBook Skin« (which is the traditional Wikipedia skin) you will find it in the sidebar while in the »Vector Skin« (which is the default) it is placed in the right upper corner of the browser window.

You can use the search box to directly search for a name or a term you would like to find.

Useful information

There are some differences between the English translation and the German original. Most notably, some of the names have been changed:

  • Pucky is called Gucky in the German edition
  • Reginald Bell (Reg) is called Reginald Bull (Bully) in the German edition
  • Khrest is called Crest in the German edition

Recommended pages for international readers


For a translation of a German page you can use google translate or similar tools.